Increasing Flexibility That Protects & Allows For Easier Packing &

When aerospace equipment is on the ground with an issue, first time, undamaged deliveries are critical.

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Fully recyclable solution that enables for easier packing and un-packing of products

The Company.
The Background.

An innovative engineering company that has been supplying a wide range of high quality, machined components to a variety of industries for over 60 years. The company has forged long standing relationships with their customers and, as such, become the preferred supplier to all major industries including the aerospace industry.

With an existing relationship with the company, Synergy Packaging was approached to develop a new solution for one of their products. The challenge was to protect the product during global shipments using recyclable material however, the weight of the product would change part way through the shipment due to additional items being added after the initial air freight leg of the journey. Products changing their weight during a transit cycle is not something that happens regularly so careful evaluation of each individual step of the journey had to be undertaken prior to designing a solution.


From the customer brief and the evaluation of the product, we developed a solution that would allow for easy opening and reclosing of the outer carton, allowing the product to be removed, additional items to be added and re-packed again without damaging the carton. Also, the proposed solution was fully designed using corrugated board allowing for the product to be supported correctly whatever the weight or shipment method whilst offering a solution that was easily recycled. Once the shipment was complete, the end customer could easily remove the corrugated inserts, disassemble them, along with the outer carton, into a small, flat stack which takes up minimal space in a paper recycling bin.


The Results.

Increased Flexibility

Easy unpacking and re-packing

Simple-to-use, highly flexible packaging solution that not only protects their products during the normal anticipated transit cycle but also allows for easy unpacking and re-packing of the product part way through

Peace Of Mind Solution

Higher protection levels

With the high levels of product protection that the solution gives to the product, the customer can confidently ship vital aerospace components directly to their customer’s stock with the peace of mind that they will arrive exactly as they left the manufacturing site.

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