Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with Our Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Discover the benefits of sustainable packaging with our eco-friendly solutions. At Synergy Packaging, we believe in protecting the planet while also supporting your business needs. Our sustainable packaging options are designed to reduce waste, manage costs, and enhance the customer experience. With a focus on using renewable and recyclable materials, our sustainable packaging solutions are the perfect way to reduce your carbon footprint and support a more sustainable future.

Reduce your footprint

At Synergy Packaging, we are dedicated to being an environmentally responsible packaging supplier. Our mission is to help you meet your environmental packaging responsibilities by offering sustainable and cost-effective solutions. As an environmentally conscious company, we believe it is our obligation to assist you in making a positive impact on the environment. We are committed to providing you with eco-friendly, environmentally responsible packaging solutions that not only reduce waste but also align with your financial goals. Let us help you make a difference with our sustainable packaging solutions.

How this can be done?

Product Choice

The market is constantly introducing new eco-friendly products, and at Synergy Packaging, we help you stay ahead of the curve. By making simple product swaps, we can help you reduce waste, enhance recyclability, and lower costs. Our commitment to sustainability ensures that you are always up-to-date on the latest and most effective eco-friendly solutions.

Reducing Waste

At Synergy Packaging, we specialise in custom packaging solutions that optimise transport and storage whilst ensuring that your product arrives safely at its destination every time, reducing waste, not only from the packaging, but from returns of damaged products

FREE Packaging Audit

 Our FREE packaging audit is designed to assess your current processes, identify areas for improvement, and provide recommendations for optimisation. With our expert guidance, you can take the first step towards becoming a more sustainable and environmentally responsible business.

Little bit about Synergy Packaging.


At Synergy Packaging we are committed to protecting the worlds finite resources and to ensure that all of our solutions have a positive impact on the environment. Within our Research and Development Centre, our Packaging Experts are constantly evaluating and testing new materials whilst further enhancing our current range of packaging solutions to ensure that they are of the highest level of performance but the lowest level of impact on the environment.


Synergy’s in-house research and development team provides your company with an advantage over rivals. How you ask? With our extensive knowledge of the packaging industry we can offer innovative, bespoke solutions that use the most cutting edge packaging materials to give your product the maximum protection whilst using the minimum packaging material.

People love us

We don't like to blow our own trumpet. But our clients do love us and these are some of the many benefits we've been able to help them with:

Decreased logistics and transportation costs due to minimised package cube size and reduced damages

  1. Slick and easy process from start to finish
  2. Fast lead and delivery times on packaging products.
  3. Minimised product damage and a decrease in logistics and transportation costs of products.
  4. Decreased logistics and transportation costs due to minimised package cube size and reduced damages

Next day delivery

There are very few businesses in the packaging industry that provide fast, quality manufacturing of packaging but at Synergy we have invested in our people and our manufacturing equipment to ensure that your orders are processed as quickly as possible whilst ensuring that quality always remains high. With this investment, we can also increase the speed in which you receive your packaging delivery, this is just one of many reasons that our clients choose us every time.


Don't take our word for it.

"Well what can I say...
Synergy Packaging's 
Bespoke solutions has 
changed the way we look
at design."

Sustainable Packaging Solutions

New sustainable alternatives in packaging.

NiceCube is the ideal solution for shipping temperature-sensitive foods, providing over 48 hours of stable internal temperatures, high shock absorption, and a positive CO2 balance. Make a responsible and sustainable choice with NiceCube for all your food shipping needs.

"They have developed a packaging solution that is 100% recyclable and which also gives us the benefits of easier packing and un-packing of our aerospace equipment"

Purchasing Manager, Engineering Aerospace Company

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