Designing Packages For 100% Damage Free Shipments From The UK To USA.

Laboratory tested solution ensuring that the optimum packaging material is used to meet the transit needs.

Here's the stats.


Damage free shipments from UK to the USA

The Company.
The Background.

A company that is recognised as one of the leading suppliers of AC and DC motors, including industrial, small and flameproof, that was set up in 1982 and has over 30 years of experience in the power drive industry. At their UK repair centre, they specialise in repairing, reworking, testing and inspection of AC and DC motors, gearmotors and gearboxes and regularly service variable speed drive products for leading rewind shops and industrial users.

The Challenge.

A strategic partner approached Synergy Packaging with the project and a joint visit was undertaken to the customer to discuss their challenges and how these were affecting their business. The customer was manufacturing and transporting motors for a car manufacturer in the USA so multiple handling and shipment types were experienced. Whilst the product was being shipped with foam and corrugated packaging, the motors were getting damaged in transit and therefore causing extra expense with repairs and additional shipment costs. During the joint visit we were briefed with providing a solution that would fully protect the motor for transit in a highly cost-effective way. The motors were heavy but had small, delicate parts that would need special attention in order for them to be protected within the final solution.

Our design team developed an engineered solution using anti-static polyethylene foam which was carefully designed using our CAD design software with our main focus on product protection and pack cost efficiency. The final solution was subjected to a full pre-shipment transit test which included, road transport simulation and free fall drop testing and was then further tested with real world transit shipments to ensure the solution worked at the optimum level.

The Solution.

The Results.

100% Damage Free

100 motors are delivered per month

With over 100 motors delivered from the UK to the USA every month there have still been no reports from our client of a damaged goods.

Fully Tested Solution

Drop testing and transport simulation

Our full product evaluation coupled with our engineer designed, fully tested solution, has resulted in the customer being able to confidently ship their products to their customer in the USA.

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