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Increased Stacking Strength Whilst Maximising Volumetric Shipping Costs

Managing pack sizes to maximise pallet yield and minimise transport costs.

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Reduction in cube size


Recyclable packaging design


Customers loved the new unboxing experience


Increased strength

The Company.
The Background.

Formed over 40 years ago, the company has a long history in designing and manufacturing innovative, high quality meteorological sensors for a variety of professional markets including aviation, offshore platforms and wind energy. The weather sensors are designed to report many things including: precipitation, wind speed and direction, temperature, visibility and thunderstorm detection. As it has grown, the company has evolved allowing for the development of bespoke solutions to meet specific customer requirements.

The Challenge.

The company’s current packaging solution had served them well for a number of years however the packaging was starting to cause them a number of problems that needed to be addressed:

- Damages to the products were low but improvements could still be made

- Their current packaging solution was messy when manufacturing on site

- The packaging did not match the quality or image of their high-end meteorological sensors

- The packaging materials were getting very expensive and, as it was produced on site, on demand, there was a labour cost to the company to produce the packaging

- Recyclability was a real problem with their current solution which caused problems for a forward thinking, innovative company and was at odds with the company’s visions and values


The Synergy Packaging design team worked closely with the customer to fully understand the challenges that they were facing with the current packaging solution, their vision for the future and their wish list for any new packaging solution.
With these guidelines and requirements in mind the design team set to work to create a solution that would offer a high degree of product protection from the environment and the anticipated transit cycle, be fully recyclable globally and enhance the customers experience when they receive their new product, ensuring that the packaging said high quality, highly engineered, premium product.

The Results.

Increased Strength

During storage and shipment

With a polyethylene foam solution coupled with corrugated accessory and void-fill sections, the customer had a versatile solution that increased the overall stacking strength. With this increase in the stacking strength, the customer could be confident that, no matter what the weather or handling hazards were, the strength of the packaging would remain the same.

Reduction In Cube Size

Maximising volumetric costs

The final packaging cube was kept to a minimum to reduce shipping volumetric costs and maximise products per pallet.

Improved Unboxing Experience

Premium design and feel

The polyethylene foam solution enhanced the end users unboxing experience and shouted premium, high-end product.

Improved Sustainability

Recyclable design

Our customer wanted both performance and recyclability from their new solution and, with careful selection of packaging materials, we ensured that these requirements were met.

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