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Reduction In Operator Fatigue By Utilising Better Designed Packaging.

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Reduction in
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The Company.
The Background.

An electronics repair and refurbishment company that offers unparalleled levels of service to their customers across the retails and manufacturing sectors. The returned electronics market has been a rapidly growing market for many years with factory reworked goods being able to be sold at a greater price than when they had to be sold as clearance items. Working with our customer allowed electronics companies to offer warranty repairs and reworks of returned/unwanted products along with end-of-life storage and disposal services for waste electrical and electronic equipment.

The Challenge.

As one of the UK’s leading electrical and electronic repair and refurbishment companies, our customer handles various product types, shapes and designs.  One particular headache that they were experiencing was with televisions with the challenge that, as they pass through their facility, they require a flexible support stand that allows for any make, model or size of television to be worked on in an ergonomic, easy-to-use format.  Other products that they tried either did not offer the product protection that was required, did not offer the adaptability for their wide range of products or did not easily fit into their production environment.

After working closely with the customer, the Synergy Packaging design team produced a polyethylene foam solution that utilised our range of black foam products. The final solution enabled the customer to easily place any model, size or shape of television onto the work stand. The stand also had a simple cable routing channel, a single accessory storage location and, being a soft foam material, the television could be placed both screen up or screen down without any concerns of surface abrasion. All of these benefits coupled with using the black material, which allowed the customer to use the solution repeatedly without any dirty marks showing over time, resulted in a simple solution that gave a great deal of flexibility. 


The Results.

Increased Flexibility

For their team

The customer found that the solution gave greater flexibility to their team of technicians by not having to change the stand for each product, having a clear, single place for all accessories and reducing operator fatigue by utilising an ergonomic design.

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