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Maximising Pallet Yield Whilst Offering Unrivalled Levels of Protection.

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Damage-free during


Increased pallet yield



The Company.
The Background.

A UK-based MedTech start-up company with a mission to provide global access to high-quality healthcare. The CEO, whilst at university, was challenged to design a product that solved a problem, from which the portable infant incubator concept was born.
The solution provided affordable and robust infant medical equipment aimed at helping to maintain the core temperature of babies being moved around hospital sites or within developing countries.
Since the initial idea, the team has expanded, bringing together an expert group dedicated to newborn care.

The Challenge.

When precious infant lives are at risk, a damaged lifesaving product is simply not an option which is why the customer approached Synergy Packaging. Essential to the solution's success was the protection of their product through its wide and varied transit cycle.

Our team of packaging experts worked closely with the customer to ascertain the specific challenges and requirements for their product, which included:

- Multiple elements to the product.
- Thin, fragile plastic mouldings.
- Multi-element, interlocking, flat-packed chamber.
- Outer shipper volume due to worldwide shipping both individually and palletised.
- Full pre-shipment testing is required to ensure products arrive at their destination in the same condition as they left the manufacturing facility.


The final solution comprised of an engineer-designed, fully pre-shipment tested composite pack made up of fully recyclable, die-cut polyethene foam inserts coupled with an outer double wall carton. The carton was designed for palletisation efficiency, for bulk shipments, but also for high levels of product protection when shipped individually.
Full pre-shipment testing was carried out on the packaged product to ensure performance levels in a controlled laboratory environment. The testing comprised of atmospheric conditioning, compression, vibration and drop testing to simulate the various hazards that the packaged product could encounter.

The Results.

Increased pallet yield

Same packaging bigger impact

The solution was lightweight and designed to maximise pallet yield whilst offering the protection levels required for individual product shipments, whatever the shipping hazards.

Easy-to-use format

Ship globally with confidence

As was proven with the pre-shipment testing, the portable infant incubator packaging, as designed and developed by Synergy Packaging, offered high levels of product protection in a cost-effective, easy-to-use format, allowing the customer to ship their products globally confidently.

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