The UK's premier foam fabrication and temperature controlled solutions provider.

At Synergy Packaging solutions we specialise in design, manufacturing and distribution of performance packaging solutions.

  • Reduce your bespoke packaging costs by up to 25% a year.
  • Increase your customers experience 
    when purchasing and opening your products.
  • Decrease damage to your products during transit
    whilst increasing customer satisfaction.

Packaging solutions that help your business
save and scale.

At Synergy Packaging solutions we specialise in design, manufacturing and distribution of performance packaging solutions.

  • Reduce overall packaging costs by up to
    25% a year.
  • Increase your customers experience 
    when purchasing and opening your products.
  • Decrease damage to your products during transit
    whilst increasing customer satisfaction.

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We design and manufacture bespoke packaging for your products, which deserve the best packaging and we make it happen! Let us develop the perfect solution for your product.

Packaging solutions that save money in your world.

Protecting your products is our number one priority! With over 25 years experience in the protective packaging market, Synergy Packaging are your perfect solutions provider.

Light & Precision Engineering

Highly sensitive and precise instruments and products require unique, engineer designed bespoke packaging solutions.

E-Commerce &

This is where packaging and branding are key and need to promote the manufacturer but also where it must enhance the customer experience.

Electronics & IT

From small to large electronic products, our deep understanding of this industry allows us to engineer the perfect solution for you.


As a manufacturer of Aerospace products, we understand that it is essential that you products arrive on time and in pristine condition.


From bulk to individual shipments, our packaging experts know how to ensure that your products arrive without dents or imperfections.

Home Products & Appliances

Strong, durable solutions to protect products, not only for the storage and shipping cycle, but also during the manual handling delivery process.

Healthcare & Medical

Highly calibrated products for the healthcare/medical industry require highly engineered packaging solutions.


Whether it is containment, identification or impact protection, our packaging experts work with you develop your ideal solution. 

Food & Drink

Helping you with the safe shipment of temperature sensitive goods through our sister company, Chilled Packaging.

Bespoke foam packaging
for anything.

Accepting the requirements of your business,
our team is uniquely qualified to develop
personalised custom packaging solutions for your products.

  • Unique
    for your products.
  • Fastest
    UK lead and,
    delivery times.
  • In-house
    design experts, for truly
    bespoke designs.
  • Dedicated
    Packaging Consultants on hand.

Packaging products for
your every need.

Protective Packaging

Synergy Packaging are the experts in protective packaging solutions and we utilise our talented teams extensive knowledge to develop the ideal packaging solution for the protection of your products whatever the anticipated shipping cycle. We are able to offer many kinds of packaging material including fabricated foams, bubble wrap, airbags, corrugated, void fill and many more. Using our extensive knowledge of packaging design and performance we select the ideal material to suit your packaging needs and create a bespoke solution for your product.

Corrugate & Timber Solutions

Our variety of boxes, corrugated sheeting, timber solutions makes packing, storing, and shipping your products easier than ever.

Machinery, Warehouse & Tools

With our selection of warehouse equipment, packing stations and protective supplies, we've got all you need in terms of warehouse supplies and to make your packaging operation far more productive, organised and safe.

Labelling & Postal

With our broad range of packaging solutions we also
offer all types of labels including: thermal transfer, stock print labels and label dispensers. We stock a number of mailing supplies, such as postal boxes, postal tubes, poly mailers, and address labels.

Inflatable Packaging

Foam In Place Packaging

We mean it when we say
for your every needs

Little bit about Synergy Packaging.


At Synergy Packaging we are committed to protecting the worlds finite resources and to ensure that all of our solutions have a positive impact on the environment. Within our Research and Development Centre, our Packaging Experts are constantly evaluating and testing new materials whilst further enhancing our current range of packaging solutions to ensure that they are of the highest level of performance but the lowest level of impact on the environment.


Synergy’s in-house research and development team provides your company with an advantage over rivals. How you ask? With our extensive knowledge of the packaging industry we can offer innovative, bespoke solutions that use the most cutting edge packaging materials to give your product the maximum protection whilst using the minimum packaging material.

People love us

We don't like to blow our own trumpet. But our clients do love us and these are some of the many benefits we've been able to help them with:

  1. Slick and easy process from start to finish
  2. Fast lead and delivery times on packaging products
  3. Minimised product damage through understanding the shipping cycle and careful design and testing
  4. Decreased logistics and transportation costs due to minimised package cube size and reduced damages

Next day delivery

There are very few businesses in the packaging industry that provide fast, quality manufacturing of packaging but at Synergy we have invested in our people and our manufacturing equipment to ensure that your orders are processed as quickly as possible whilst ensuring that quality always remains high. With this investment, we can also increase the speed in which you receive your packaging delivery, this is just one of many reasons that our clients choose us every time.


Our customers don't lie.

Our process is easy.


The first step is to click on the button below to
initiate a free packaging consultation where we
discuss your product and needs.

Design & Create

We then get to work designing and creating
your new bespoke packaging solution.


The final step is to then deliver your packaging
 in an efficient and timely manner.

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" They have decreased refunds on
products by 50% all due to their
bespoke packaging design. "

Purchasing Manager, Highly Sensitive Products

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